• Producer(s): Sergey Zernov, Vadim Sotskov
  • Script : Alexander Lutkevich
  • Director: Alexander Lutkevich
  • Production designers: Andrey Rubetskoi, Olga Novoselova, Andrey Kravchenko
  • Actors: Nikolai Drozdov
  • Duration: 60 min. (6 episodes, 10 minutes each)
  • Genre: animation
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2005


Based on the bestseller by Yan Larry.

Brother and sister Karik and Valya accidently shrunk themselves to the size of insects by eating unusual pills that they found in their neighbors’ professor Enotov’s apartment. Astride a dragonfly the children travel in an enchanting world of plants and insects that live by their own rules, unknown to humans. While the inconsolable parents and police search for the children, professor Enotov understands where they disappeared to. He shrinks himself by eating the pills and hurries to save Karik and Valya. The heroes are in for unbelievable adventures and astonishing discoveries in the world of flora and fauna on their way home. 

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