Company information

«KinoAtis»  is one of the leading companies in the sphere of producing of animated films in Russia. The studio released the first national full-length animated film in 3D format, which is called «Belka and Strelka. Space Dogs» in 2010.  Film was widely released in Russian and foreign cinemas, made a good revenue at the box office and won love of young audience.

Film «Belka and Strelka. Space dogs» became a participant of more than a score of international (France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, Australia, Bulgaria, etc) and Russian film festivals and won several prestigious prizes, including the «Golden Eagle» in the category «Best animated film».

After brilliant start the «star» project got a continuation.  In accordance with the long-term contract with the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) company «KinoAtis» begun a release of TV-series «Belka and Strelka. Funny family» (season 1, 52 episodes) in 2010. Since April 2011 TV-series is being demonstrated on the channels «Russia-1» and «Karusel» and central channels of other countries, showing high ratings of popularity. The output of TV-series is accompanied by large-scale production of merchandising. But the space epopee doesn’t end here. At the moment «Belka and Strelka. Moon adventures», a sequel of the full-length film, is also being shot in 3D, and will be out in cinemas in 2013.

«Belka and Strelka» is far from being the only project of studio «KinoAtis».  The leading company employees (directors, artists, production designers, animators) have created more than a dozen of successful movies that won over world-wide acknowledgement and many awards of international film festivals. These are animated TV-series, such as « Extraordinary Adventures of Karik and Valya» (based on the famous book by Yan Larry) and «Micropolis», as well as classical animated movies that were highly appreciated by professionals and audiences of different countries, such as: «Crown Prince of the Republic», «Until the tip of the tail» and others.

The nearest of the company development plans include creation and wide-ranging promotion of the new animation brands, commercial projects which would be oriented on  Russian market in the same way as on the foreign market.

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