Once upon a time has decided a handsome young man to find and marry girl, bearing a great resemblance to his mother. He has taken portrait of his mother and started travelling around the world. How many different things have happened to him on road… 

Festivals and awards

•          Open international festival of military films in the name of Y.N.  Ozerov (Russia, 2010)

•          Festival of short movies «Cortopotere» (Italy, 2010)

•          International animation film festival «Golden Kuker» (Bulgaria, 2010)

•          Participant in VI International charitable film festival «Radiant Angel» (Russia, 2009)

•          Participation in the competitive program of the Moscow «Big Cartoon Festival » (Russia, 2008)

Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Sergey Zernov, Nikolay Makovskyy, Vadim Sotskov
  • Script : Sergey Sedov
  • Composer : Darya Korshunova
  • Duration: 13 minutes
  • Genre: animation
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2008
  • Artist : Olga Baulina, Pavel Korolev, Igor Sandimirov
  • Production director : Boris Korshunov
  • Animator: Boris Korshunov
  • Art director: Svetlana Halkina
  • Voice-over : Ludmila Ivanova
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