Once upon a time lived Mother. Her son was diver, and he had a bride. Once he has found on the bottom of the sea two pearls. One was big and black, rare and originated from the crown of the Sea King, and another one was quite ordinary, small and white. He gave the big one to his bride, the small one was left for mother.

What started then…

Festivals and awards

•          International Festival for Children and Teenagers in Armenia (Armenia, 2010)

•          Open international festival of military films in the name of Y.N.  Ozerov (Russia, 2010)

•          All-Russian Festival of Visual Arts in all-Russian Children’s Centre  «Orlyonok»  (Russia, 2010)

•          Moscow International film festival. Russian program (Russia, 2010)

•          Participation in  XV Open Russian Animation film festival in Suzdal (Russia, 2010)

•          Participation in competition of  XIX International film forum «Zolotoy Vityaz» (Russia, 2010)

Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Vadim Sotskov
  • Script : Sergey Sedov
  • Composer : Alexander Chevsky
  • Duration: 26 minutes
  • Genre: cutout animation
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2009
  • Production director : Boris Korshunov
  • Art director: Maria Ribasova
  • Voice-over : Natalya Tenyakova
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