The main characters of the cartoon are microbes. Who would have thought that a whole city with its own skyscrapers, schools, transportation and small citizens could fit in an ordinary kitchen?

Festivals and awards

  • Screening at ХI Open Russian festival of animation films in Suzdal (Russia, 2006)
  • Screening at «Animadrid» festival (Spain, 2006)
  • Participant in SICAF Animated Film Festival (Korea, 2005)
  • Participant in competition in International Animation festival «Multivision», Saint Petersburg (Russia, 2005)
  • Participant in competition of International Festival of animation films «Cinanima» (Portugal, 2005)
  • Participant in competition of  International festival «The Golden Tambourine» in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia, 2007)

Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Vadim Sotskov, Nikolai Makovskiy
  • Script : Alexander Khramtsov, Inna Evlannikova, Vadim Sotskov
  • Director: Alexander Khramtsov, Vadim Sotskov, Oksana Tarabanova
  • Music: Vladislav Stashinskiy
  • Duration: 70 min (7 episodes, 10 minutes each)
  • Genre: 3D animation
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2004-2007
  • Artist : Alexander Khramtsov
  • Lyrics : Vladislav Stashinskiy, Alexander Khramtsov
  • General producer: Sergey Zernov
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