The movie tells us about the Great empires of the world and their founders. How hundred year old empires formed and what secured their prosperity and in some cases a mysterious downfall. The movie opens many secrets and fills in the blanks of history, it tells about the most incredible versions of inexplicable historical events. As if on a time machine, the movie will send you back into the far away centuries to meet great commanders, emperors, conquerors, those who ruled the world and made history of mankind.  

Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Vadim Sotskov, Elena Evstigneeva
  • Script : Alexander Smirnov, Alexander Sarychev
  • Director: Alexander Smirnov, Alexander Sarychev
  • Executive producer: Vladimir Buka
  • Duration: 39 min
  • Genre: science-fiction
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2010
  • Operator: Peter Vlaskov, Valeriy Tesakov
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