A cycle of programs about the representatives of the world of animation. The central position of the film is dedicated to fragments of famous and popular animated movies from different years, frames of newsreel and interviews with animators.

Film 1. «Bill Plimpton, George Griffin, Katie Rose »

Bill Plimpton – a real pop-star of American animation, caricaturist.

Georg Griffin – a classic of American animation, the creator of many new techniques.

Katie Rose shoots through hair, veils, smoke, liquid, makes installations on the stage.


Film 2. «John Dilworth, Greg Ford»

John Dilworth –a young successful director who is known as “the next Disney”  

Greg Ford – director, artist, American animation historian


Film 3. «Pilot brothers» or «Russians in America»

Alexander Tatarskiy tells about his closest friend Igor Kovalev.


Film 4. «Yuriy Norstein»

The story about the great Russian animator Yuriy Norstein.


Film 5. «Francesca Yarbusova»

Yuriy Norsteins wife and the artist of all his movies.


Film 6. «Bordo Dovnikovich»

A classic of the school of animation, an artist, caricaturist, director and social figure.


Film 7. «Alexander Petrov»

a story about the oscar winner and his famous method of painting on glass.


Film 8. «Lev Atamanov»

A classic of russian animation, who created all-loved cartoons: «The snow queen», «The scarlet flower», «The golden antelope».


Film 9. «Leonid Schwarzman»

An artist and director, the author of the movies "Cheburashka", "The kitty called Ruf", "38 parrots".


Film 10. «Garett Van Daik»

A classic of Holland animation, pacifist.


Film 11. «Nikolai Khodataev, Zenon Komissarenko»

The fathers of soviet animation, the creators of the movies «Interplanet revolution», «China on fire», «The organ».


Film 12. «Daniil Cherkes, Yuriy Merkulov»

The continuation of  the origin of soviet animation, a story about Daniil Cherkes and Yuriy Merkulov.


Film 13. «Michaela Pavlatova»

 The relationship between men and women is the main theme of the movies of this Czech director.


Film 14. «Oksana Cherkasova»

Winner of Russian government award, author of a cycle of movies about the chukots.  


Film 15. «Valeriy Fomin, Sergey Inutdinov, Andrey Zolotukhin»

Valeriy Fomin – a gifted person, winner of Russian government award, makes puppet movies.

Sergey Inutdinov- a graduate of director courses, creates movies about social pathologies of people. С

Andrey Zolotukhin – director and artist, famous as the director of  «Babushka».


Film 16. «Alexey Karaev, Valentin Olshvang»

Alexey Karaev discover the American writer, artist and scientist Dr. Suess for Russia. His movies are filled with kindness, beauty and there are no tragedies or violence.

Valentin Olshvang – artist and director. Filmed the movie «Pink doll».


Film 17. «Constantine Bronzit»

A young director-animator from St. Petersburg, who makes incredibly funny movies.


Film 18. «Alexander Tatarskiy»

Director-animator, producer, and head of one of the most successful animation studios in Russia.


Film 19. «Mitki»

Alexander and Olga Florencski- artists and animators who represent the creative association «Mitki».


Film 20. «Ivan Maximov»

Our contemporary animator with a highly unusual style.


Film 22. «Nikolai Serebryakov»

Was one of the first to start experimenting with puppets and drawn animation.


Film 23. «Mikhail Tumelya and IgorVolchek»

Igor Volchek- a composer, author of movies such as «Cappricho», «Skertso», «Concerto grosso».

Mikhail Tumelya –  author of «Marathon» , «Magic pipe», «The line».


Film 24. «David Cherkasskiy»

A classic of Ukrainian animation, author of «Adventures of Captin Vrungel», «Treasure Island».


Film 21. «IrinaEvteeva, Dmitriy Visotskiy, Andrey Sikorskiy, Renat Gazirov »

Irina Evteeva- works in the technique of painting on documentaries and artistic movies «éclair».  

The commercial and movies of young animators Dmitriy Visotskiy and Andrey Sikorskiy .

Musicvideos of Renat Gazirov is the pop art of Russian television.


Film 25. «Evgeniy Sivokon»

 A classic of Ukrainian animation. His movies differ in style and genre but unite a certain musical row.


Film 26. «Irina Gurvich, Vladimir Dakhno, Eduard Kirich»

Irina Gurvich is the creator of Ukrainian animation, and has gathered around herself the most talented artists and directors.

Vladimir Dakhno and Eduard Kirich created the famous Cossack series. 


Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Sergey Zernov, Alexey Guskov
  • Script : Irina Morgolina, Eduard Nazarov
  • Director: Irina Morgolina
  • Duration: 26 movies 26 min each
  • Genre: a cycle of documentaries
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2002
  • Anchorman: Eduard Nazarov
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