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He was called «Russian Salvador Dali».  Though he didn’t create pictures. But he was an artist first of all. He with his life style and way of thinking. And, for sure - with his image of the word.

Nikolai Shatrov was a poet of rare talent, Nobel laureate Pasternak applauded his poetry standing… Eccentric, as Don Quixote, bright as Don Juan – In the middle of the last century Shatrov was one of the most prominent representatives of Moscow bohemia. Poet and artist. He poeticized everything he saw nearby. His wife, country, a bottle of soda.

Poet and artist. He was able to behave like a hooligan, and execute a deed.

"I –am a Star", in such a half serious way Shatrov talked about himself.

Joke’s a joke, but he was and still remains a star of the forever gone epoch, which light is especially bright now

Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Sergey Zernov, Elena Solovtsova
  • Script : Larisa Malukova (with the participation of Natalia Nazarova)
  • Director: Natalia Nasarova
  • Production designers: July Kuhn
  • Duration: 44 min
  • Genre: documentary
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2011
  • Director of photography: Petr Vlaskov
  • Production studio: Gorky Film Srudio
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