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Cosmonaut Yury Lonchakov has corresponded and talked on phone from outer space with the boy Sasha who has cancer and who wants to became a cosmonaut more than anything else in this world. Doctors state that with the help of strong positive emotions Sasha’s disease went into remission.

In many respects this film is based on real materials: letters of Sasha, correspondence of cosmonaut Lonchakov with his friends and relatives, real video records and photography made by Yury Lonchakov in space and documentary shots made in the Research Institute of Children's Oncology in Moscow during Sasha’s treatment.

It just can’t be the other way. Because in all these materials can be traced the whole dramaturgy of Sasha’s revival, reanimation of his soul.

Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Sergey Zernov
  • Script : Oleg Tatkov
  • Director: Oleg Tatkov
  • Duration: 26 min
  • Genre: documentary
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2012
  • Production studio: Gorky Film Studio
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