Company «KinoAtis» is a legal owner of license rights on using of characters of animation films which are represented in the company’s catalogue. Nowadays the most popular and demanded ones are characters of films «Space Dogs» and «Space Dogs. Family».

The characters of «Space Dogs. Family» are widely presented in children TV-shows which are constantly shown on federal TV-channels of Russia, they are one of the most favorite heroes among young TV-viewers.

The main specification of brand is the fact that in spite of being new brand, the brand is highly recognizable and popular among children, and that's why it's very perspective for producers of goods and services.

Company «KinoAtis» actively develops and supports brand «Space Dogs» with an aim of the highest possible extension of brand’s life on market for years ahead. So, in the end of 2013 second full-length animation movie in 3D format is going to be released, and the distributor of film will become company «Karoprokat» which is the leader of  film market in Russia. The release of new episodes of animation TV-series «Space Dogs. Family» begun in 2012. Production of films is being supported with an advertising, pr- and promo activities which are oriented on children audience.

Mischievous characters –«space» puppies from «Space Dogs. Family»- are ideal for branding of wide range of goods for children from 3 till 11 and goods for the whole family in the following spheres: foodstuffs, footwear and accessories, stationery, printed matter, baby cosmetics, hygiene goods, medicaments and medical supplies, sports equipment, leisure goods, amusement parks and attractions, souvenirs etc.

At the moment licensing activities in relation of brand «Space Dogs» are being launched not only in Russia, but also abroad. Following companies have became partners of Company in the licensing sphere on the territory of Russia: publishing house «Egmont», companies «Marmelad media» and «NDGames».

The specialists of company «KinoAtis» shall be very pleased to answer on all of your questions related to the licensing via phone numbers which are specified in «Contacts» section.

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