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Inna lives with her dad and little brother in a small town. Her life changes when new girl Masha comes to Inna's school. They become friends. But Masha is murdered by the serial maniac, who kills girls in the town. Inna comes on the funeral service to the church. There she meets the son of the priest - Ilya, whose sister was murdered too. 

Prizes and awards

  • "Kinotavr – 2012". Prize for the best debut.
  • X Moscow festival of domestic cinema "Moscow premiere". Main prize of Public jury of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. Prize for the best actress (Maria Smolnikova).
  • Russian festival of actors-directors "Gold phoenix". Special prize for the best script (Natalia Nazarova).
  • X festival of theater and cinema "Amur fall". Film competition Grand Prix.
  • Russian film festival "Long live to the cinema of Russia!". Prize for the best direction (Natalia Nazarova, Alexander Kasatkin). Prize for the best actress (Maria Smolnikova).
  • Warsaw film festival.  Special prize of FIPRESCI for the Best debut from Eastern Europe.
  • International charitable film festival "Radiant angel". Festival Grand Prix.
  • Tallinn film festival "Dark nights".  Special prize of FIPRESCI.
  • Festival of the Russian movies "The Satellite over Poland". Festival Grand Prix.
  • 7 film festival of the Russian movies "Lipetsk Choice". Prize for the best movie. Prize for the best actress (Maria Smolnikova). Prize for the best actor (Igor Mazepa).
  • VII International film festival of family and children's movies "In the bosom of the family". Prize for the best actress (Maria Smolnikova).
  • The XVIII International festival of movies about human rights "Stalker". Prize "Debut - Stalker" (Natalia Nazarova). Diploma of jury (Maria Smolnikova).

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